Monday, September 7, 2015

Worry About The Rest Later

Alright, I am sitting here, with a dog in my lap, sour soothers in my mouth, music being played below me. I am in my new space, in a recliner with my foot up. Truth is, I really can't do much more. I decided this is my "window".  If I want to start writing again, or considering working on books etc, this is the time...

...but it's been so long I feel like I can't decide where to pick up since I left off.

Perhaps a little gratitude...

This is my new space, and I am incredibly grateful for the love that was poured into this room.

Despite the pain in the ass that this brace is, and that I am VERY limited in what I can do physically for a few weeks, I am grateful my acl is fixed and the healing can now move forward. 

I am grateful for the desire to write, to create and to return to the things that settle my soul.  I am also grateful for taking some time to decide where to pick up this project.

So for now, I'll take that I sat down to write as a win, and worry about the rest tomorrow... or maybe the next day.  

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