Thursday, February 4, 2016


Writing doesn't come easily right now. I'm blocked. I'm inspirationally challenged

And frankly, I'm bored.

Recently, on our trip to Phoenix, I was wandering around in the book store (shocking, I know), and I stumbled across this little book.

So I flip it open, and randomly pick one. Some of these are not easy.  This one sure isn't.  "Write the first sentence of your obituary".  Ugh. Okay. This isn't last time you will see a 642 post.  I shall call this 642-1.  Here goes nothin'. 

642-1: Write the first sentence of your obituary

Jennifer said at the end of her days she wanted to  have made a real difference, and all she wanted was for someone to say is "because of you, I didn't give up". 

...I hope there's a group of people there who didn't give up.  (oh and let's not forget, I will have lived to 97.  Oh! Also, has anyone ever thought about planning their own funeral?  I have... a lot. Is that weird?)

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