Thursday, May 28, 2015

And Still, Life Moves Forward.

Well, it's happened.  I have moved my blog.  It's something I should have done years ago, but it was easier to just keep on the way it was.  But the thing is, all three of my blogs were attached to something I want no part of (it's funny how a simple email address can hold so much power).  For anyone looking for an old post, or still find yourself attached to reading it (thank goodness for all of you that do), you can still find them in the same spot:

However, the time has come for things that are new.  And so, here we are, at the beginning of something new, yet still in the middle of what was,  So in the newness of the familiarness, here we are, still moving forward.  

And this morning, I woke up writing. 

Stay tuned.  

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